7 Misconceptions about Cairns Plumbers

7 common misconceptions about getting a plumber in cairns

People often have some misconceptions about plumbers in Cairns. This may be due to some unpleasant experiences or popular assumptions. If you want to enjoy Cairns plumbing and property maintenance services, then you need to have the right information.

This article handles some of the misconceptions about plumbers in Cairns. Here, you will find 7 of these misconceptions and the fact they conceal. Are you wondering if plumbers in Cairns are really dirty or if they inflate prices to steal money from their customers? Well, this article has the right answer to that. Read on to learn!

7 common misconceptions about Cairns plumbers
Over the years, people have thought worse of plumbers in Cairns. Some of these thoughts are assumptions that made it to many mouths. Here are 7 of these misconceptions and the truth about them:

1. Plumbing is  simple work
The misconception that plumbing work is easy is dangerous. It is like regarding plumbing as insignificant work. Plumbing is a profession and requires a level of professionals to do it right. You cannot just hire anyone to do the job of a plumber. Plumbing requires certification. There are skills pertinent to the professions that you cannot overlook.

If your sink is leaking, you can do some DIYs and get it fixed but this does not make the job of a professional plumber insignificant. Plumbers are trained to handle plumbing issues effectively and professionally. If a plumber in Cairns fixes your leaking pipe, you can rest assured you have it well fixed. However, if you go the DIY way, you may have fixed the issue temporarily.

The main point is that plumbing work is not simple and you cannot replace a plumber. Plumbing requires more knowledge than you probably have on the job. If you hire a good plumber in Cairns, you would have done yourself and your property a whole lot of good than you can imagine.

2. Plumbers cannot be useful in your refrigerator installation
If you are installing a refrigerator, a plumber may not come to your mind. But do you know a plumber can be useful in the whole installation process? Plumbers in Cairns are experts in installing or fixing water lines. And when it’s winter and you want to make sure that your refrigerator’s outer door is well sealed to limit frost build up, a plunger comes in handy as well.

3. Plumbers cannot help with hard water
If the water flowing through your tap is hard, the last thing on your mind is to involve a plumber. What can a plumber do? You might think. But yeah, they can do a lot to help with the situation. First off, hard water contains magnesium carbonate, calcium, and other minerals and debris. With the help of a plumber, you can smoothly install water freshener to avoid more hard water in your tank. Also, a plumber comes in handy in fixing the damage hard water has done to your plumbing system. And when you experience situations like this, a plumber is a right source for professional advice and approach.

4. Plumbers cannot fix gas-related appliances
Contrary to the common notion that plumbers do not have anything to do with gas-related appliances, there are plumbers expertly trained to install gas lines. These plumbers are experts in installing gas-powered appliances like gas water heaters. They are also specially equipped with the knowledge to repair these appliances. If you are in Cairns and are thinking of installing gas lines for outdoor fire pits, grills, or kitchen, plumbers are your go-to service providers.

5. Plumbers cannot help with roof leaks
There is the notice that plumbers have no business with roof leaks. Most people will call a carpenter to fix their roofs before they even think of calling a plumber. However, if your leaking roof is as a result of a blocked gutter, a plumber is the right person to fix it. For issues with storm water drainages and downpipes, roof plumbers are the right people for the job.
Roof plumbers are also trained to install, repair and manage roof flashing. To install your flashing properly and to repair flashing leaks.

6. Plumbers make a mess
There is the misconception that plumbers make a mess each time they visit your houses. This is not true. Plumbers are professionals trained to execute their jobs professionally and expertly. If they are on your property, you will not find any reason to frown.

This is because they make an effort to ensure that they do not leave any mess on your property. They make conscious efforts to leave your house cleaner than they met it. If they have work in your kitchen or toilet for instance, then ensure that they clean their legs property to avoid tracking dirt inside. They park their vehicles properly to keep your driveway uninterrupted. After work, they wipe off water or dirt they might have left on surfaces while working.

7. Plumbers make promises they cannot keep
Not all Plumbers in Cairns make promises that they cannot keep. While their professionalism makes them apt in handling various plumbing issues, they are realistic and stick with the truth. Plumbers know the job and let you know that they can handle your plumbing issues, but they do not perform miracles.

Plumbers will tell you what exactly the issue is and how they can fix it. If, for instance, your pipes are too old for repairs, they will let you know and get a new replacement to ensure the durability of the work. This is better instead of repairing the old things and having them get faulty again. This is even to their customer’s advantage as it saves them unnecessary expenses.

This article addresses some misconceptions people have about plumbers in Cairns. Contrary to some people’s assumptions, plumbing is not a simple profession and plumbers are not restricted to fixing faucet and pipe leaks only. They are trained to install, repair, and maintain gas-powered appliances, storm water drainages, and even flashings. Plumbers are neat and realistic. They will acknowledge the situation but assure you of the solution.

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